Watercolor paintings by Désirée Iturbide

Step into my whimsical world where birds are no longer just creatures of the sky, but fashionistas extraordinaire and cocktail connoisseurs. Birds of a Feather showcases a delightful collection of birds adorned with the most extravagant hats, high heel shoes, handbags, jewelry and matching cocktails.
Inspired by my daily encounters with grackles, I try to capture their innate elegance and transform my birds into fashion icons.
Each bird possesses a unique personality. From a sassy heron sporting a wide-brimmed hat and ruby-red high heel boots to a sophisticated flamingo with a Cosmopolitan, my feathered fashionistas embody poise and panache.
I hope that as you immerse yourself in this fashion parade. You will find yourself smiling, as I was when I was painting them!